Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 5 and Please Don't Judge Me

I didn't have time to rip and tear like I had hoped yesterday.  Christmas decor needed to come down.  But I did do some today and what sometimes happens I felt the need to sort my hoard, I mean collection.  This was just the small tote where I stash what's left on my desk after a project.  Believe me there are baskets drawers and bins of more up in my studio.  So please don't judge.  I am well aware I have an addiction to paper.

As for my painting yesterday,  I added four different yellows with my fingers.  I started off very tentatively as I usually do but then just went with it.  Not crazy about the outcome but I have 25 more days to go!

I didn't have much paint left over so I just pressed my palette paper on my second painting.  when I pulled it off  I saw a small face emerging.  Couldn't resist and sketched it with my favorite Stabilo pencil.  I've been wanting to try teabag art so using matte medium attached to a teabag and then made some marks.

So next on my painting I'm thinking I'll do some more mark making but with different tools and stencils.  That's my plan but who knows what will happen?

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