Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Manifesto and a new class

Today is the first day of summer -officially- but it has been such a warm spring and June that it feels like it's been summer for a long time already.

And as if there's not enough to do in these short summer months I decided to take another online course.  This one is from Julie Prichard at The Land of Lost Luggage.  You can find the details here.  I have taken several classes from Julie and I highly recommend them.  Once you sign up you can take them at your own pace, they have great videos, great PDFs and online support and community.  Really, make this part of your summer manifesto.

On my morning walk yesterday I picked up some varied leaves and decided to do leaf printing 101 in a few journals I'm currently working in.  So easy, so messy, so fun.  Nature never fails to inspire me.
dictionary pages and deli paper
in my journal using acrylic paint and inks
last page and inside back cover
on black gesso with gray paint
in altered book over bubble wrap print used first as a mask then with ink

So what do you have planned for your summer?  Come visit me in the treehouse and tell me about it.  I'll have the iced tea ready.