Tuesday, November 19, 2013


November already......yes I have been absent way too long but am happy to be back and filled with gratitude.  As always I am pressed for time but here are a few looks at some collage work I'm doing for a class with Stephanie Levy, 30 Days of Collage.  Going way out of my comfort zone but after a lot of painting in September I was burned out.  Started tearing, cutting, ripping, gluing,  anything to stay creative so when the Universe sent me this opportunity the timing was just right.  The pictures are a little blurry due to some scanner difficulties but if I wait 'till everything is perfect..... well, you know, it never is.  So embracing imperfection.....
First assignment-Black and White Collage

This one I decided to do on a black background-an old book cover
warm color collage with some painted papers

cool color collage
then on to cool colors-we started the class with painting our own papers with different techniques and then used them in these collages:

and then mixing cool with a touch of warm.

And finally using textiles-really outside the box for me but interesting.  Will definitely consider doing this again.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Keeping it real.....and Spring

Robin's nest on my deck
Spring has finally arrived at the Treehouse art studio....and it definitely seems to be affecting my journal pages today.

Helping myself to lilacs on my morning walk....

Watching mama robin patiently nesting and guarding her
eggs.....trusting....knowing what to do....hoping.....

There are two work tables in the treehouse studio and I would love to say that they are both tidy and organized....but that is not usually the case.
One table is an antique drafting table that is beautiful-if you could only see it!  I use it for what I call my "dry" work-sketching, drawing, constructing books, cutting collage materials, etc.  So usually only items used for these tasks are kept there.  but every now and then items seem to stray...?
Another table, is an art table my son used as a desk in high school, more years ago than I care to remember. It has a laminate top which is better suited to "wet" projects,painting, collaging, etc.  This is by far my favorite and the one I use most.  And like the other I try to keep supplies related to these projects on this table.

Actually although it tends to get messy it is "organized chaos".  And sometimes when I'm in a creative rut, all I have to do is start to clean up and suddenly I'm working again....which of course makes another mess!
handmade papers for collaging and postcards

but that's okay...I love creative messes... and I love this little space in my world!

the eggs hatched today!

sorry for the blur-wanted to get a quick picture before mama came back.

                                                      Hope spring is being kind to you.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playing when it snows....

making bright pages in an altered book titled "And Spring Shall Come" when outside it looks like this.....

I head on up to the treehouse art studio and start playing.
 I make collage backgrounds from old bookpages and ephemera,
  I get out some bright acylic paints and create some handpainted papers for use in furture collages

and make envelopes to send messages of encouragement to special people.
and then make more papers.......

I see a lot of collages in my future
Now I'm making backgrounds on the pages of my altered book.........
and hoping that Spring is coming soon.
well, one can hope.......

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is what my window in my treehouse studio looks like today......beautiful icy crystal patterns.....

I have sadly neglected this little space of mine...for many reasons.... none of which matter because I am
back and filled with possibilities of expression with

new colors to try

charcoal drawing

cutting and pasting
new journals from recycled books
and old handbound waiting to be filled
Currently working in three classes:  started Mucho Metallics by Julie Prichardhttp://thelandoflostluggage.ning.com/group/mucho-metallics before the holidays and eager to pick up where I left off-buying the paint.  Then couldn't resist a class called "Marvel, your precious life" , a collage journaling class by Kelly Kilmer.http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Marvelyourpreciouslife/.  I wanted to take a collage only class and learn to express my self without paint and I have long followed Kelly's blog and admire her work.  I thought it might be a more portable way of journaling for times when I am in waiting rooms, coffee shops, etc.  I almost have to tie my hands down not to use paint....here's what I did today...
selected background papers and glued down and then chose three focal images that
spoke to me

continued to layer and add some penwork on top of the page.
Calling it finished for now but will probably go back and do some written journaling when the mood strikes.

My newest class is Face to Face with Misty Mawn http://mistymawn.typepad.com/facetoface/ and certainly will be the most challenging. But I have taken her classes before and ALWAYS learn something.  this was an introductory journal exercise for the class.

Who are you?
And look at these beautiful stargazer lilies that a friend who is going through a very challenging time was kind enough to share....Thank You!

             oh the possibilities....................
until  next time...