Friday, May 17, 2013

Keeping it real.....and Spring

Robin's nest on my deck
Spring has finally arrived at the Treehouse art studio....and it definitely seems to be affecting my journal pages today.

Helping myself to lilacs on my morning walk....

Watching mama robin patiently nesting and guarding her
eggs.....trusting....knowing what to do....hoping.....

There are two work tables in the treehouse studio and I would love to say that they are both tidy and organized....but that is not usually the case.
One table is an antique drafting table that is beautiful-if you could only see it!  I use it for what I call my "dry" work-sketching, drawing, constructing books, cutting collage materials, etc.  So usually only items used for these tasks are kept there.  but every now and then items seem to stray...?
Another table, is an art table my son used as a desk in high school, more years ago than I care to remember. It has a laminate top which is better suited to "wet" projects,painting, collaging, etc.  This is by far my favorite and the one I use most.  And like the other I try to keep supplies related to these projects on this table.

Actually although it tends to get messy it is "organized chaos".  And sometimes when I'm in a creative rut, all I have to do is start to clean up and suddenly I'm working again....which of course makes another mess!
handmade papers for collaging and postcards

but that's okay...I love creative messes... and I love this little space in my world!

the eggs hatched today!

sorry for the blur-wanted to get a quick picture before mama came back.

                                                      Hope spring is being kind to you.

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