Tuesday, November 19, 2013


November already......yes I have been absent way too long but am happy to be back and filled with gratitude.  As always I am pressed for time but here are a few looks at some collage work I'm doing for a class with Stephanie Levy, 30 Days of Collage.  Going way out of my comfort zone but after a lot of painting in September I was burned out.  Started tearing, cutting, ripping, gluing,  anything to stay creative so when the Universe sent me this opportunity the timing was just right.  The pictures are a little blurry due to some scanner difficulties but if I wait 'till everything is perfect..... well, you know, it never is.  So embracing imperfection.....
First assignment-Black and White Collage

This one I decided to do on a black background-an old book cover
warm color collage with some painted papers

cool color collage
then on to cool colors-we started the class with painting our own papers with different techniques and then used them in these collages:

and then mixing cool with a touch of warm.

And finally using textiles-really outside the box for me but interesting.  Will definitely consider doing this again.

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