Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 4 of 30 Day Painting

I decided that this day I was going to do some black and white mark making with a thin brush and a feather.  Learned to use a feather to make veins in my old decorative painting days.  great for veins in faux marble.  Also did a little spattering and couldn't resist using a little Coral Blush paint that was sitting on the table.
 After a long cold day of errand running I didn't find time to add something yesterday but I'll make sure I do 30 days.  Sometimes life just just gets in the way.
Side kick

This is an old painting I wasn't so crazy about so decided to cover it with the paint I have left over.  I learned this technique from Orly Avineri.  It is usually done with a journal, which I do, but thought I 'd try it on this.

Today is another sub zero day in the midwest.  Luckily I can stay in, stay warm, and hopefully find some time for art making.  I have the urge to tear and glue today so plan to add some saved papers and scraps to some of my many in process journals.  As for my painting I'm leaning toward adding some paint with my fingers, maybe yellow.  We'll see.

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