Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break

Spring break for me was a break from my studio and a break from my three different online classes- a break I really didn't want to take.  But with four grandchildren here on their spring break other activities took priority-and my time and energy!  It was wonderful to have them here and play and now it's catch up time.  So yesterday I did some journal assignments from Judy's class,http://judywise.typepad.com/.a/6a0133f2045333970b015393eae4ee970b-pi. The first was a fun upside down "Picasso"face with fingerpainted background and the other a trace of my hands on fingerpainted and stamped background.  The process on both was freeing ans fun and it felt so good to be back in the studio.  Both need to be written on which hopefully I'll get to today and show you later.

 This was one of the firsts spreads I did in response to one of the first lessons.  We were to take some paper and write a list of what would make a perfect day.  I was a little too detailed and when I went to paste in my list it wouldn't fit on the 2 page spread.  I really didn't want to do it over or shorten it-I enjoyed being in the moment when I wrote it and it was free flowing and captured my feelings at the time.  So  I accordian folded the list and glued them to the page.  Of course then there was the problem of the journal closing or being able to flip to other pages.

So I decided to tie some thin pieces of jute from the back of the pages to the front to hold down the list pieces, but they can be easily opened and read if I want and then be put back in place.  Just poked holes with an awl and then pulled the jute through with a darning needle.  And I don't mind the length of jute on the back of the pages-adds some interesting texture.

 This is another page in progress that needs some journaling.  The face was drawn with india ink on the decorative paper we made which I showed you in the last post.  And not sure if I showed you the actual hand bound journal - here it is. 2 canvas boards that I painted are the front and back cover and it's filled with three 6 page signatures.  I'm going to keep adding to the cover as I go and hopefully bead  the hanging strings from the stitched binding.

I'm really learning a lot of fun techniques in this class and look forward to filling the pages.  Going up to the treehouse now to do some catching up although it is such a beautiful day here, this is where I really want to be.
Hmmm...maybe I'll get a tall glass of iced tea and do my writing out here.  Join me.


  1. I absolutely love Judy, and I love what you've done under her guidance. Nice work! Thanks for sharing!