Saturday, March 24, 2012

I just want to play.....

Spring has come early to the treehouse and I want to play.  I'm taking a new online class, The Mixed Media Journal by Judy Wise.  Go here to check it out .
I once again learned how to make my own journal which I have finished but will have to show you next time because no pictures yet.  I've prepped a few pages according to the class instructions and videos, which are great by the way, and now just have to "show up" and play.  I have to get out of my own way,loosen up a little, and go with the flow.

These pages will change with more paint and collage as I go along with

And this is what I used to make the pages of decorative paper at the top of the post.

Phone book pages turned into collage papers with paint, ink, mark makers and some stamps.  That was fun.

So off to play some more in my journal and enjoy some of this fantastic early spring!   How are you going to play this weekend?


  1. BRAVO for your journaling. Such a wonderful form of self expression. LOVE the orange page with the geometric shapes! I'll keep visiting when I get a quiet moment...til then....onward and again, BRAVO!

  2. wonderful work, thanks for sharing ^__^