Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flea Market Treasures

Hard to believe that I froze at the flea market last Saturday and today it is a balmy 55 degrees here in the midwest.  I have been going to the flea market for years and have experienced every kind of weather.  And there is not a single thing I could possibly need to buy but I love the experience...wandering, browsing, eating,chatting with friends and vendors, discovering, learning,'s all good.  So these are my few purchases.  Some beautiful bird pages from a European bird book from 1973.  Loved how they had the colored sketch of the bird and the black and white drawing of it's nest.  My poor photography skills don't do them justice.  They will most likely be included in some type of art project-collage or art journal.  Also some pretty butterfly prints.

I collect boxes, especially old wooden ones and loved this old inkbox with nice dovetailing and slide lid.  I will use it to keep my bottled inks in up in the studio.  And the sweet little metal drawer with wood front will also be used in the studio for pencils, tags, rubber stamps, something.  There's always something that needs a new home in my studio.  And I bought a nice roll of bound burlap ribbon because , well, you never know when you might need some,right?!
But really the best thing I got on Saturday is this very cool pad of paper that is a beautifully aged look and each page has a lovely saying or thought on the bottom that you can tear off and do what you want with.  I see lots of future journal pages made with these.  
And I didn't even have to buy this.  It was a generous thoughtful gift from my dear friend and flea market buddy.  Thank you Linda!  You knew I would love it and I do.

So off to the studio even though outside is so nice today but think I'll make a journal page with some of my new finds-feeling inspired.


  1. Dear Carol,
    Wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog to visit Seth's 3131 celebratory Blog tour of his Pulse of Mixed Media book.. It was an honor to be in it and what a gift to meet so many wonderful artists as yourself. Love your flea market finds! I can imagine your excitement with all of them- the boxes, papers and that lovely pad!
    Will be back to see what you've up to!! xo

  2. Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.. yes Seth is connecting a lot of artists to each other. We have a big flea market near me every July and I too love to go and browse and mingle and eat and come home with little treasures.. you really lucked out with your finds.

  3. hi carol, thank you for your nice words at my place... : ) yes, do give faces a go if you feel at all called to them. they're very, very rewarding and can express so much... xoxo lynne