Thursday, August 9, 2012

Evidence-Prepping and Playing

I think I may have mentioned before that I like to work in more than one journal at a time.  When I find time to be in the studio I like to start a few things while something else is drying.  Plus I just like to try stuff-I'm all over the place.  I started to count all in progress journals I have and stopped before I reached a number I won't even divulge.  Not to mention the altered books I'm working in also.  But it works for me.
Gessoed pages drying on the studio floor

  Sometimes I'll just take some time to prep pages-I always coat them with gesso before I start painting or collaging so they will stand up to the abuse different techniques and mediums I use.  And sometimes I go up to the studio with no ideas, no expectations, and when an idea strikes or I just want to enjoy the process I have something in some journal ready to go.

 Many times I go up with the intention of cleaning and re-organizing and an old paint color I forgot about insists on going down or a torn page or collage image needs to be glued down.  Maybe an idea needs to be worked out in a sketchbook,  or maybe a new technique or supply needs to be tried.  I'm always prepared!
Prepped page patiently waiting.
Journal Page
Large and small journals in progress.
Old ledger turned journal.

And sometimes I just need to play, not worry about the outcome, composition, color, image, design.  I just want to splash, spritz, rip, tear, cut, glue,  and see what happens-no expectations-no pressure.  Just do what I like to do.  That's what I did the last couple of days-I needed to.  No deep thought, no self criticism, just doing what I know how to do, playing, having fun.

 Painted Papers

Tags made from painted papers, old book pages, sheet music, etc.

Of course that comes with a price-the treehouse studio is a disaster and sadly in need of cleaning and re-organizing.  Why don't you come on up and help me?  I'll show you a journal or two or........

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your journal pages.. and your process and thinking about your journals and how you approach your art.. sounds like you are having a creative time.