Saturday, January 7, 2012

Told you it was messy...

Hi!  Come on in...but be's messy!  But this is my little piece of heaven where time stands still and magic happens.  Come sit in the chair and keep me company while I clean up a little bit because I start a new online class on Monday,Open Studio with Misty Mawn, so I should try to create some workable space.  I have 2 tables-one where I paint and a beautiful antique wood drafting table where I draw and journal.  I like to have my tools and supplies out where I can see them and get to them easily so when inspiration strikes I'm ready.  I use mostly acrylic paint,some watercolors (need to take a class) and lots of paper-old book pages, sheet music, patterened, craft, tissue-if it's paper,I have it.  I also like to use rubber and foam stamps and inks in my work and sometimes even bits of fabric and trims sneak their way in.  And did I mention buttons???..oh how I love buttons.  Come back tomorrow-I'm going to try my hand at journal making-yep actually making my own journal.  See you later.


  1. Your space looks great. What a fun place to create!